Friday, 19 April 2013

Ritchey Sealy: landscape painter

One contemporary painter inspired by the Capertee district is Ritchey Sealy. Ritchey has been painting for thirty years and learnt his craft from his father, uncle and older brother. While mostly known for his images of the far South Coast of New South Wales he has also painted around other parts of the state including the Central Tablelands.

Stacks at Glen Alice, oil by Ritchey Sealy
image courtesy of the artist

Ritchey was born in Forbes, NSW, in the early 1960s but has lived on the South Coast for many years, residing in the small town of Bodalla close to picturesque hills, beaches and lakes. His studio at Bodalla also acts as a gallery where he sells his work. Ritchie paints mainly outdoors in the French landscape tradition known as en plein air (which translates as 'in the open air').

Artist Ritchey Sealey in his Bodalla studio

He is a fast painter and does not rely on photographs as many other landscape artists increasingly do. Generally, most works take about 3 hours to paint on site with only minor finishing taking place in his studio. Ritchey was 'awe struck' by the Capertee Valley when he first visited and has since painted about 30 works inspired by the Glen Davis and Glen Alice sections of the valley.

Road to Dunville Loop, oil by Richey Sealey
image courtesy of the artist

Ritchey Sealy has won several regional art prizes and his work is included in the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art collection. One of his works was presented to the Duchess of York.

For more information about Ritchey Sealy's work please refer to his website.

In future posts we will highlight the work of other contemporary artists inspired by the Capertee district.

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